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     "They" say it's coming....change, yet it's already here. A big change has been occuring right under our eyes. Some people aren't aware and others are surrounded by the awarenss. How can you describe energies that can't be seen? If an individual can experience them and share the feeling, there is still a separation, the great divide in knowing."

     "Being prepared for the unknown future is uncharted territory. How you experience something and another may be totally different so there is no guidebook. So how do we deal with this unknown? First, look at change and what does it do to you to hear the word? Does it cause uncertainty or wondering? Does it make you uneasy or offer a challenge? This has been spoken of before and yet it needs to be looked at again as a preparation mentally and physically. It should not cause anxiousness for we daily face the next unknown day. Have confidence in yourself. Look forward and try to be ready for a new way of doing things and a new awareness."


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