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     Spring is a wonderful time missed by many. The time changes, there's more light, a slight adjustment is made, and yet the hidden joys are not known. We live on a planet in space and take so much for granted. There is not the care and love that should be shown the earth and its inhabitants. There are those who have a desperate yearning to clean the rivers and the beaches, yet nothing is taught to the young about the care of the earth. Perhaps in science there is a tie in but usually the strict curriculum requirements eliminate exploring outside of certain guidelines.

     Many go on trips to other countries or to places in their own country or short trips to mountains and beaches. Yet they do nothing in their own space. Apartment dwellers have little space but somewhere or inside something can be done that lightens the space. Outside this is a joyous time as the trees start to bloom, the buds on flowers are ready to open and in a couple of weeks in different parts of the country, there will be a mass of colorful flowers. Along with observing their beauty, try this.....just stand and look in an open way. See if you can connect with the energy of a particular plant or flower or tree. Listen with your inside ear. Sometimes you will feel a connection, like a fine line, a reaching out, for all around you is energy and the different colors of those energies. Surround yourself with beauty or if unable to do so, try adding one flower, one plant...something to add some extra color to your life.


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