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     When you hear talk about bodies it usually has to do with illness or tiredness. Daily you are bombarded with ads as to what you need with very strong warnings. At different ages you become more conscious of your body, perhaps aches and pains. What is so often left out is the body as a temple. It isn't something that can be worked into conversation unless it is a lecture.

     Within you is a world, full of complexities, but also areas that shelter the spirit. The closest most people get in awareness is when they say I was touched in my heart. Something that was done or said that caused a reaction, a feeling within the heart area. In that space, not within the heart, but in that space is the spirit. If this seems strange to you, surely you realize you are not all physical.

     How then do you become aware of that area? Most guidance says meditation and it is true. Still, many do not have the patience to take that time and that step. So, at the beginning, start small, like a 'hello' to the Spirit within. Just stop for a few minutes, in quietness, and do nothing. Close your eyes and just stand (or sit) for a few minutes. Bring a sense of quietness within, slow down your thinking and try to have a quiet mind ...just for a few minutes. It is like a mini gift to your body. No rules, no training, just stop and be in quietness. You may be surprised at the peacefulness you feel and a feeling of connection within.


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