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     Peace has been spoken of before. In fact, you might say we hear it so often that the word floats right pass our mind. We're surrounded by news of war and fighting in different countries and the fighting within families and groups. It would appear to be a situation or location that would not allow any room for peace. Whether it is the work place or family or singleness, it can mean so many things...so we hear, we wish for it and we dismiss it. It seems beyond our reach, especially with the turbulent days of news. Our lives are rushing by and we strive to 'catch up' with frustrating results.... the tension grows and peace seems beyond reach.

     There are many books on peace and how to attain it, there are many lectures, but no one action can be the same for each individual. You must find your core of peace....that center that brings the feeling. It is not how long it is, sometimes it's quiet short moments, but it is finding that center within that you can connect with. Again, we hear it over and over ....."go within"...and yet that is the key. How to do it? Most need to close their eyes to begin, slow down your breathing, let go of fears and worries, just BE in the moment. Don't try to accomplish something, don't search for that perfect feeling of balance or knowing, just Be. This means let go of expectations or ideas or movement of the body, just Be. A few moments is all it takes until you feel you can increase the time.


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