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     Previously there have been comments on change. This is a time period of change. As long as we read that statement and things went along fairly normally, it probably didn't make much impact. The sudden change that can happen in nature or within a family can have very, very different effects...sometimes numbing. There is no time to calm one's self, no time to think things through carefully and step by step, and no time to prepare mentally. This is an obvious pattern but we do not give it much thought, and when we do it is too late.

     How to prepare or build a mental foundation or platform? Be aware of the physical body, how does your body react when stressed, what calms you down? What steps do you take? Sudden involves immediate action...split second decisions can change a life.... or save one. The problem is we don't like to think on it. We find it either too uncomfortable or too time consuming. Still, think a little ahead, plan a little ahead, see what you need and prepare yourself for any sudden change that comes.


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