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     What do you see when you look at the sky? Or a re you so immeshed in day to day requirements that you don't look up... or maybe it's a case of changing weather that causes you to look up for a guideline of cloudiness. If you saw the flash of light that happened when the meteor hit in Russia, that would certainly draw your attention. How would you react to a large sounding boom? At one time, these uestions' would not be considered as anything more than fantasy, but now that we have seen this happened does it make you more conscious of the sky?

     There are millions of people who never think about the sky or their jobs keep them from taking a look. Have you looked lately? If you look more frequently you may get a climpse of unusual things, unusual cloud formation and colors in the sky. This is not to check to see if another meteor happening is going on, but to look to see. Give yourself a gift by short awareness moments. And one more important thing ....listen. Mentally remove yourself from the sounds around you and reach upward and see what you can hear. Enjoy a few moments of stillness and peace,


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