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     Weather affects all of us and unless you've been totally separated from the world you see severe changes of coldness and rain or snow. As with any subject, some like it, some see the need for it, and some complain. It would be nice if all of earth's environment would be at a pleasant level, but, like life, it changes. While we are all affected in one way or another, how many look at the overall picture? How we're affected individually usually comes first... yet there are not as many who take note of the earth itself.

     We all take our home for granted to some extent. It has taken awareness of loss of life and the loss of species and visual parts of earth showing change that has awaken more. What can be done? As an individual it may seem a small thing to take care of your space... whether it's large or small, or when it's not 'your space, to do something whether it's large or small.  How many take time to be thankful for what we eat that comes to us through not only the earth's blessings but from the hard work of many. We take Earth for granted for the most part. Sometimes, literally, it takes an earthquake to shake us up to earth's power and its results. It is better to do something than to do nothing at all because it might be insignificant. Leave a little imprint where you are....whether cleaning, planting, beautifying, leave a token of some action that shows you're been there. For Earth, it is called respect and love.


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