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     Strange subject when it's a new year and it's all about new beginnings. Why would you need to hear about staying the course when perhaps the New Year's resolutions are just barely being brought forth. Or, is it that we have started so many times to start new each year and we haven't stayed the course....we haven't kept going.

     Most 'courses' are clearly marked but the one for Life is full of turns and blocks and obstacles. Wouldn't it be so much easier if it was just straight ahead. Would we learn the same thing? It appears there would still be main obstacles like boredom, lack of interest, the sameness of a straight path. Most would not want to stray from an easy path. Still, it is the challenges that make us strong, though they frustrate us. It is the new that brings forth new thought or perhaps new consideration.

     If, in spite of all your good intentions, you already feel the stress of blocks or unclear decisions, then perhaps it is time to say to yourself .."Stay the Course." If you are unaware as to what the course is, then just continue taking steps forward. The main thing is not to give up before you have hardly started. Maybe you haven't really started at all, and maybe you have to find your 'course'. Still, once you begin, pull on your inner strength and with determination.....move ahead.


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