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     A clean slate, a new start, new resolutions, it's a good feeling to start fresh with a new year. The problem is that not too much into the new start there is much that seems to come up again, the old problems creep into the new year. But, it's a new year so it will get taken care of, right? Not necessarily. Maybe we have the wrong approach, or habits that are hard to break, or situations that pile up one after another. It is then that with even the best intensions, we fall back into pattern, or worse, we proceed without a pattern or plan.

    Let us not forget that with our resolutions all laid out, we suddenly have new situations that have to be taken care of and all of a sudden...the older resolutions get pushed aside. How then, do we get pass this pattern? There is no easy, one for all plan....how could there be with all the variances in individuality?

    Here's a start. Stop. Just for a few minutes, just stop. That means do nothing for five minutes or more. Watch how your body responds when it is not rushing or stressed. Breathe slowly and deeply. All suggestions heard before, but were they done? Not just once, but in the day or night, try to find a little space of quiet and just Be you. Nothing else, just you. Did you notice your body was more tense than you realized? Did you listen to the stillness within? Simple directions, but if you can find a space and a few moments, it will help. Within a day, give yourself time to start over in a more relaxed way.


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