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     Do you feel overly stressed as you enter this new year? There certainly are enough reasons to be stressed. We know the obvious ones - money, taxes, and the not so obvious, the people who are dealing with illness in themselves or family. In the world there is daily struggle to survive in the middle of war that makes for no peace. In one aspect, or way at looking at things, we are surrounded by stress.

     There are many avenues of stress that we walk on...even a daily commute. There are also changes on earth that people are not aware of and would not understand. Where then is the refuge? It is with you. It is within. You've heard that before....go within....a quick phrase, just as quickly dismissed, but what does it mean? First find silence. Impossible? You're surrounded? Go outside or take a walk. Create a quiet time in your family...even if it's for a short period of time where there is no tv, game playing, talking...just a few minutes of peacefulness....a 'time out'.
      Going within takes practice. The concept is difficult, but it means to turn your mind toward listening from within. What is that realm of silence within? Maybe it's a few minutes of just resting the body and then resting the mind. It does not have to be like meditation - just take a little time to see what's going on in there....you may connect with your inner Self.


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