In time, our views change, from that we see and learn as a child, a teenager and the stages of adulthood. Sometimes these ideas change slowly and sometimes the basic important ones are just added on to as we can understand more. Did you ever stop and review what you think of things, your ideas, how they were shaped, have they changed or stayed the same?

     You may have heard that we are in a state of change. Change is all around us yet most are totally unaware. We may have our attention drawn to a change in the weather or pattern of the weather, but for the most part, we seem to feel that things are basically the same. Now if you have children, you know that they are far more astute on technology than your time and are learning it at school almost daily. This influences parents and their learning.

     Be more aware of your surroundings. Though you may live in an apartment building or the middle of a city, be aware of what part of nature you can experience. There are so many people who pay absolutely no attention to their surroundings or have a connection with nature. It is only when it becomes tumultous that the attention is focused. Your environment and the changes in the environment will affect your beliefs, perhaps your sense of time or comfort. Know that in the middle of any change there is always the centering you need within, protected and cared for.


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