"In the midst of turmoil in other countries, most people just 'tune' it out. Why add to all the other problems going on in the world? Yet, it is awareness of a link of individuals...the relationships, whether parents, friend, family, we can relate to loss, fear, hope, and all the other feelings that the individuals feel."

     "It is difficult when you are on one side and perhaps a friend or family member is on the other side. How then do you find a balance? Relating to another and sending thoughts is a small show of concern, but it is the spirit reaching out. If you are conflicted on the idea that draws your sympathy, then you can ask for peace and help for those in need. Whether or not it leads to specific reactions, it changes your 'caring status' and doesn't allow for a hands off emotional approach. And, while you are at it, there's also a chance to thank for the peace that is in your own home range."


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