Beyond seeing there are many, many marvels and wonders to behold. You cannot imagine as many are beyond imagining in their splendor. It is almost impossible to relate to that which cannot be seen or known. Still, know that they exist. How does that information affect your reaction? Does it seem like something you dismiss immediately or does it cause you to wonder and to think of possibilities?

     We are all not knowing of some things, some places, some close to us facts. Not knowing does not make them any less real. It's like gardeners who know their garden but suddenly find a new plant that wasn't known before. We are in a time when there will be openings and a closed mind will not allow for new informtion to be assimilated.

     Awareness of possibilities is the key. Discernment is always an important element, but possibilities can be considered without censoring the possible facts. Leave room in your knowing to at least consider that there are many new things coming and not known to you at this time.


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