The advancing colossal storm on the east coast of the U.S. is certain to humble even the strongest of the inhabitants. How we face disasters like this is sometimes a survive or not survive action. Too often we take a 'ride it out' attitude and then find it's not the right decision. These kinds of events show us that our strength has to come from within. We may flee the storm but we still have to have inner

    There are, as you know, many storms in life. Some are of hurricance force and almost flatten us and some are a 'grit your teeth', hold on and let it pass. These storms are part of our pathway through life....a learning, a remembering for, perhaps, the next one. How many times have you felt that you would never be able to move forward. Those are the storms that linger and linger or there is one after another. The sunshine seems far away. Still, in the middle of these heavy experiences, it is important to stay grounded, to have a platform of steadiness and trust. It is when you, like a storm, are spinning out of control that the future seems so dark.

    Also, like storms, after it has passed it is good to check the damage. If you are not aware of damage, or have not looked to see if you have come through the storm in better shape, then the damage follows you, weakening you for the next storm in your life. It isn't always sunshine that you see, but if you concentrate on the Light within it will help you through the dark times.


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