Hardly a day goes by that we don't have choices to make. Even on a vacation there are decisions to be made. There are those rare moments when we can 'coast' and let things just ride by, but these are rare. Think how many decisions you make in one day with hardly a thought as to the complexity or action involved. How different is it when you have to ponder, think hard, be indecisive and still not be sure of the decision to be made? That is the difficult time when you rely on the inner self, the knowing, the feeling of guidance.

     You may not consciously realize you are getting help from the inner self. You may just think you relaxed and thoughts came through in a clearer fasion. Or, you may be one of those who clearly realize that you are listening to the inner self. For those who do not know this side of themselves, it is strange to hear about an inner self. Yet, it is there, and it can help guide you in your decisions. What does it take? Patience, calmness, a quiet 'field' to allow the thoughts to come forth. The next time you have a problem that seems to have no answer, listen to yourself. The answer may not come right away, but with carefulness your feeling of the road to take will come through. It is the feeling of rightness that will guide you.


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