People tend to group with emotion. What this means is that the highly charged emotional people tend to be attracted to those of like manner. Those who are calmer prefer to be with those of a calm nature for obvious reasons. When you find yourself in a situation which requires nerves of steel, as is said, you want a supportive group of people. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. There is almost always a mixture of various emotions in any group.

     Suppose you are the calm one, and you find yourelf surrounded by unsteady emotions. Could you maintain your own sense of self? Could you be the one who would calm and reasure others? Or, would you find yourself caught up in a wave of emotional fear and nervousness. It is sometimes a difficult thing to do. If you find yourself in that situation it is wise to go within, if possible, and find that quiet place or that strong resolve that will put you ahead of the crowd in self control. You've heard stories of how panic travels quickly and it is easy to get caught up in that wave. It is then you have to mentally strengthen your resolve and work at calming your body. It is possible but takes a strong mental attitude. Think ahead and see if you could manage this in an uneven circumstance.


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