Consider: Day by day you have a routine, a pattern, a plan, whether you work or not. Whatever your life includes, there is a movement. You know, generally, what you have to do or you have an expectation within a framework when it is something new. This is a good thing because it encourages stability.

     Consider: What if there was no pattern, no step by step procedure? If you have been camping you know that your day will begin with the usual things, but after that, it is an adventure as to where you will go, what you will do, what you will see.

     Consider: What if everything changes? What if there is no pattern? What if each day is a surprise? Those who travel get a sense of this and adjust, but if you are not a traveler you may be locked into a more set plan. How would you handle not knowing? Could you adjust to differences and the absence of pattern? What if it would take adjustment each day like a blank sheet of paper that must have writing. If this is so foreign to you that you don't want to think on it, stop and take a moment.

     Finally, the question is: Can you adjust to no pattern, no plan and be strong within yourself? Just consider mentally . Think of adjustments you would have to make and what it would take to find the strength to make those adjustments.


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