Once upon a time...that's how stories used to be told, but seldom in use now. Once upon a time there were differences in humans and animals and all would not be recognized now. Would it make a difference? We judge people at first by what we see, which explains why we admire beauty. Often we gravitate toward beauty, it makes us feel good to see someone that brings pleasure with their looks.

     Have you ever met someone we'll call 'plain', only to find that they have a shining spirit? How often do we take the time to get to really know a person. There are many walking around with wisdom to share but no one listens. The parents of this age of viewing and viewing....what do you teach your children? It is important to teach them to go pass what they see and regard a person important no matter their looks. Young children taunt and tease so it an opportunity to make them aware of what else is there, not just 'that's not nice'. Look beyond the outer and see what is within.


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