In the days ahead there will continue to be turmoil with the earth. How this affects you will, obviously, depend on where you are located and if you have friends or relatives. The earth is changing its weather pattern and in many cases this is difficult to adjust to whether short or long term. We take our food for granted but forget the needed conditions to make food grow.

     You may be thinking that there is nothing you can do with uneven conditions. Fortunately, there is technology that helps on recovery, but on a single or family basis, the road to recovery is very difficult, especially for those who lose their homes. Adjustment is the key along with faith and developing strength. We can mourn our losses but at some point we must begin anew.

     Never give up. No matter how bleak your situation is, have an outlook of possibilities and have faith in yourself and your strength. As time moves on, the answers will come. No one says it is easy and it is easier if friends and family can help each other. 'Roll with the punch' is an earth saying, but don't roll so far that you lose sight of that which is possible.


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