We are used to continuance. One day follows another, night follows day, the seasons come and go, the sun comes up and down, the moon arises. We take these things for granted. We have routines in life that also represent continuance, particularly if we are working or have specific routines. It is our daily life changed only by outside happenings or dramatic happenings that affect the individual. It is. basically, our structure, the format for our living experience.

     What if this changed? What is night turned into a longer day or the sun came up later than normal or the moon changed somehow? We would be either intrigued or disturbed. Could you adjust or would it be frightening to see nature change? What is the support you would turn to? Would it be communication and support of others, would you turn within, could you adjust to the change? It is a scenario you might think on....what if!

     In situations as described there are those who would find they could manage because of their inner structure or strength. The adjustment needed would develop and the change would be acceptedas days went by. Does it disturb to even consider a possibility like this? Do you turn your mind away? In the future days there will be many changes, some small and some not so small. How you adjust will be up to your mental strength and your inner strength. Those two together will be a platform that will provide a firm foundation for change.


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