Schools are preparing for new beginnings and students will be flooded with new experiences. Adults, unless they are teachers, don't usually have a sudden change in the beginnings of their jobs as they extend from one month to another or year to year. How do we create a new beginning? What intent has to be made? Is it like New Year's Eve where we set our intent for the new year? What if our intent and plans are suddenly washed away with different aspects in our lives? How then do we plan ahead? Those who have lost everything in fast spreading fires must face these questions.

     How far ahead should your intent stretch? It appears to be individual. What works best ..a long term approach or even a day by day approach? Unless it is a specific goal with a timeline, for most, it is best to have short stretches of intentions. How do we face sudden change - things where there are no guideposts, like walking through woods with no signs. What intent do we then have to create? Again, as in other situations, there must be a platform, a strength which must be developed and confidence in being a survivor.

     All incidents and experiences do not fit into a common scenario. As we face those things which are unexpected we have to create intent, sometimes immediately, and find the strength and build on it to move forward. When you find yourself without any guide markers, stop and find calmness first. Then take the next step of intent followed by strength of purpose. How you approach situations may be a guiding light for others as well as yourself.


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