Turmoil is evident in many countries. Slaughter of humans is in the daily news. Hunger looms as a daily problem and each country has its problems. It is possible to help some of these situations through organizations, in other countries help seems out of reach. It is too easy to get overwhelmed by the many problems and the almost daily barrage of horrific things in the news. It is at these times, when it is important to take care of your space, to become conscious of what you have around you in essence and how it affects the others you come in contact with. It may seem a process which cannot possibly be effective, but one individual can begin a current of peacefulness. It does not have to be large, or take large sums of money, it is simply to be responsible for your own space. This space starts within as has been mentioned many times. Within ...create peace, within, find solace and comfort, within, explore that which is the integral part of you. Each individual's effort spreads and you seldom know when your space, 'you' affects someone else. So while you still have concern for the major conflicts, don't forget to begin calmness within your own space.


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