One by one by one. Who coined this sentence? Think of all the endings that can be attached to it. If you have situations in your life that are overwhelming and if you feel you are struggling...handle them one by one by one. If there are things you'd like to change in your life,then start it 'one by one by one'. We get overwhelmed with all the requirements of daily life. Too often the time flies by and dreams and goals are lost, it's too late. Perhaps it is something simple like reading more or going to the park or anything you've thought of doing and have put it aside. Take one step by one step by one step.

     Life brings us many challenges and many joys of accomplishment. Have you observed what another does to help others and been impressed, but have not taken on anything yourself? Comparing often is a roadblock to moving forward when we compare what we can give with what another individual is doing. Look at the children who sometimes start with a lemonade stand or some project and have big effects on others. Everything counts....small actions...perhaps it's for others, perhaps for animals or the planet, but it is your addition, your contribution. No matter how small, you changed something, no matter if it is not observed by others, it is your contribution. The next time you get over-loaded with the cares of the world and what you are required to do....just think of 'one by one by one'....and begin.


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