Every few thousand years or so there seems to be something unusual occurring. It doesn't seem unusual because many things from the past have not been recorded in written form and there is nothing to compare it with or even be aware that something has happened. Right now, in this century, at this time, there is an unevenness around the planet. This is like a current of energy that fluctuates in high and low energy bounces. It is an interesting light show to watch from afar but is unsettling to see that none are aware of its effects. Temperatures will change in time and earth currents not normally noticed will become apparent. The earth will seem to 'tumble' and the ocean lap at its shores. It is as if there is a musical tone being played and it is off key. What does this have to do with you if you cannot see it at present or sense it or be aware of it? It is wise to think ahead. At this time, the best thing that can be done is to become balanced emotionally and physically. It is rather like an athlete training for a race. You may feel you are already balanced but there needs to be an awareness of "fine tuning.". Listen to the earth if you can hear her voice and listen to the signals she is sending you. Have faith in yourself as you enter this time of unevenness.

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